Undergraduate Trainees in Action 

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate students are not just passive learners but also active contributors to the scientific process. As an undergraduate student, you will have the opportunity to work alongside our researchers on projects and contribute to research design, data collection, analysis, and interpretation. You will also have the chance to engage in scientific discussions and present your findings at conferences.

Presentations and Publications: Brooke Friedman

We are so proud of Brooke’s work. Watch this 1 minute video and learn about the brain and sleep in adolescence. 


Brooke is an undergraduate student at University of Notre Dame who spent a summer last year in YDI through the UGA Summer Undergraduate Research Experience in Neuroscience (NSURE). Using data collected in our lab she conducted a study on the effect of sleep on brain connectivity patterns  and socioemotional problems. She presented the results of the study this fall at Flux (Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Society).


Brooke is working with graduate student Linhao Zhang to publish these findings in a peer review journal. Linhao has shown superb mentoring working with Brooke.

CURO Project

Through CURO, undergraduates can pursue faculty-mentored research regardless of discipline, major, or GPA as early as their first year. One of our URAs, mentored by our doctoral candidate, Ava Reck, recently presented her CURO project titled "Dimensions of Child Maltreatment and Adolescent Internalizing Symptoms: Investigating Cognitive, Social, and Biological Mechanisms of Resilience." We are proud of her!


The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience in Neuroscience (NSURE) is an NIH-funded training program designed to provide biomedical research experience for the next generation of underrepresented students. The YDI team is honored to be part of this amazing opportunity!