Our Team

 Full-Time Staff

Kyle L. Bower, Ph.D.

YDI Projects Coordinatorkbower@uga.edu

Justin Knight, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Research Associatejbknight@uga.edu

Anna Grossman, M.S.

Post-Bacc in Human Development & Family Scienceamg48800@uga.edu

Sarah Whitaker, Ph.D.

Family and Community Engagement Specialistskw@uga.edu

Caroline Hall, M.S.

Recruitment and Communication Coordinatorcaj@uga.edu | LinkedIn

Morrighan Wingate, M.S.

Post-Bacc in Human Development & Family Sciencemorrighan.wingate@uga.edu

Lauren Holley, CCLS M.S.

Child life SpecialistChild and Family Data Collection Specialistlmstier@uga.edu |CV| LinkedIn

PhD Graduate Assistants

Rabeeh Azarmehr, M.S.

3rd-year PhD Student in Human Development & Family ScienceStudent coordinatorrabeeh.azarmehr@uga.edu 

Brooklyn Crabtree, B.S.

3rd-year PhD Student in Neurosciencebrooklyn.crabtree@uga.edu

Avary Evans, M.S.

Graduate Research Assistant, HDFSavary.evans@uga.edu

Cullin Howard, B.S.

3rd-year PhD Student in Human Development & Family ScienceAlso works with Dr. Geoffrey Browncullin.howard@uga.edu 

Morgan Munoz, M.S.

2nd-year PhD Student in Human Development & Family ScienceStudent coordinatormorgan.munoz@uga.edu

Ava Reck, Ph.D.

5th-year PhD Student in Human Development & Family ScienceAlso works with UGA Center for Family Researchava.reck@uga.edu | CV

Linhao Zhang, M.Ed.

4th-year PhD Student in Human Development & Family Sciencelinhao.zhang@uga.edu | CV

 Undergraduate Research Assistants

Logan Aimone


Vani Arora


Jaleah Brown


Sarah Craft

Biology & Psychologysrc20583@uga.edu

Gwendolyn Douglas


Kaylee Erneston


Gabrielle Griffin

Biomedical Physiologygabrielle.griffin@uga.edu

Ashlyn Kingsley

Health Promotionashlyn.kingsley@uga.edu

Sydney Morse


Shiv Narine

Biology & Psychologysn57106@uga.edu

Nicki Orouji


Neha Rao

Psychology & Historynmr05589@gmail.com

Nika Shlomi


Mia Truesdell

Psychology and Cognitive Sciencesmia.truesdell@uga.edu

Aerica Worrell

Regenerative Bioscience and Psychologyaerica.worrell@uga.edu

Principal  Investigators

Dr. Assaf Oshri

Lab Co-Director & Principal InvestigatorAssociate Professor, Human Development & Family Science
Faculty affiliate of Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program and Psychology DepartmentDirector of OIBR's Stress, Trauma, Adversity, Resilience (STAR) grouposhri@uga.edu | CV

Dr. Charles Geier

Lab Co-Director & Principal InvestigatorProfessor, Human Development & Family Science
Dr. Geier's area of research includes understanding the neurodevelopment of brain systems underlying goal-directed and habitual behaviors, and how these systems interact across contexts to impact health and disease.charles.geier@uga.edu 


Dr. Steve Kogan

Dr. Kogan is a professor of Human Development & Family Science at UGA. His areas of research includes African American men’s sexual health and substance use in emerging adulthood, as well as evaluating family-centered alcohol prevention programs for rural African American youth.smkogan@uga.edu 

Dr. Kalsea Koss 

Dr. Koss is the Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at UGA. Her primary research interest is to understand the interplay between social environments and biology to answer the question of how adversity ‘gets under the skin’ to shape mental health during childhood and adolescence. kalsea.koss@uga.edu 

Dr. Lawrence Sweet

Dr. Sweet is the Gary R. Sperduto Professor in Clinical Psychology in the UGA Behavioral and Brain Sciences Program.sweet@uga.edu