Lab Culture

Partnering in Research

 We strive to produce research that informs and improves healthy development of adolescents and families. 

We are privileged to partner with families in our local communities, without whom our research and scientific goals would be impossible. 

We partner with families of diverse social, cultural, economic, and geographic backgrounds with hopes that our research will apply to more than one type of child, family, and community. 

Open & Rigorous Science

We commit to improving the rigor and openness of psychological science through the use of responsible statistical modeling, preregistration, sharing of code and data, and communication of findings to the broader public.  

Social Justice

We uphold that all people deserve equitable opportunities for healthy development, and we acknowledge that systemic inequalities have perpetuated oppressive systems, leading to privilege and power for some, and marginalization and discrimination for others.  

We work to dismantle these oppressive systems: not only through our research and scientific communication, but also by treating each other and those around us with respect, empathy, and kindness.